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Iyengar Yoga teacher.

  • 5+ years experience

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My Yoga Journey

Vadivu played table tennis at a national level in India and discovered yoga as a means for healthy living. After a life altering illness and multiple sport injuries, she was amazed at the change yoga made, not just to her body, but to her mind and spirit. After 7 years of active practice of various forms of yoga, Vadivu identified with Iyengar yoga, which allowed her to be completely aware of herself - her strengths and her weaknesses. She uses her awareness to strengthen, heal and find a sense of balance.

My Practice

Vadivu trained as a yoga teacher under Riana A.Singgih and has learnt yoga under maestros from India, KL, Singapore and Geeta Iyengar in Pune. Her daily yoga practice has tremendously helped her recover from her physical injuries and she knows that the deeper her understanding on the subject of yoga, the better she will be physically and mentally.

My Teaching

She truly believes that yoga is for everyone and for every ‘body’. Vadivu draws from her journey to better health to encourage and inspire her students in their path. She believes that yoga is a journey towards wellness and a path for lasting inner tranquility.