Gigi Meng

Our Teacher

Gigi Meng

Director of the Iyengar Yoga Centre Singapore

  • Certified Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher.
  • 15+ years experience

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My Yoga Journey

Gigi Meng first started practicing yoga in her teens after years of ballet training when she was a child. She focused on Iyengar yoga about 10 years ago after being exposed to various forms of Yoga as she found that Iyengar yoga teaches one on alignment and precision. Gigi also found that Iyengar Yoga made her a better person as it teaches her to be humble and compassionate.

My Practice

Gigi is a full time teacher at Iyengar yoga Centre Singapore. Her breathtaking demonstrations and powerful presence as a teacher motivates her students to do their utmost best in her classes. Gigi follows a robust self-practice routine and keeps abreast of the finer aspects of Iyengar Yoga by regularly attending workshops and visiting Pune together with Riana, her teacher.

My Teaching

Gigi is a dedicated and fiery teacher who wants her students to put in their best effort so they can improve their practice. She uses props in many different ways and variations to help students feel and do the pose right.