Suzan Andyanto

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Suzan Andyanto

Co-Founder and Director of the Iyengar Yoga Centre Singapore.

  • Certified Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher.
  • 15+ years experience

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My Yoga Journey

Suzan began her practice of Iyengar yoga in her early twenties together with her sister and now, mentor, Riana A. Singgih. Although she has been very active since young in ballet and dance, her journey into yoga started out very cautiously due to several knee injuries in her teen years. However, Suzan found that once she understood the alignment needed in Iyengar yoga and with consistent practice, she was able to “heal” my knee and break though the barriers of many asanas she thought she couldn’t do because of the knee pain. Her yoga journey has spanned more than 2 decades and she was fortunate to learn with Guruji, B.K.S Iyengar.

My Practice

The study of Iyengar yoga has helped Suzan understand the links of the various body parts, body systems and muscles better. Yoga philosophy, its importance in our lives, and how yoga unites the body with the mind, never fails to amaze her. Suzan’s practice is constantly evolving as her knowledge in yoga increases. Helping and teaching her students to overcome their difficulties in their practice and working with people with health issues has also deepened her understanding on yoga therapy.

My Teaching

Attention to details has always been Suzan’s strong point and this is reflected in her teaching where she is able to identify the strength and weaknesses of her students, and teach her students on how to modify their practice to overcome their difficulties in doing the asanas . Her teaching style is lively yet strict. She often uses daily lives as analogies when explaining yoga concepts in class so people can relate to yoga as a subject that is close to their heart and not some distant concept. Her students love her for her sense of humour and nurturing nature.