Never Done YOGA?

Never Done YOGA?

This is the perfect yoga practice to start with as Iyengar yoga uses props to allow people of all ages and with different body condition to practice yoga.

The teacher gives clear demonstrations and instructions on how to do the pose.

The pace is neither too fast or too slow allowing you to absorb and understand what you are doing, rather than simply following along. We use belts, blocks, chairs and bolster to help you to do the pose.

New to Iyengar YOGA?

Try our level 1 classes! After 1 class, feel the difference it makes to your body.

The holistic approach to Iyengar yoga makes you pay attention to body areas that you are working on and those which you are not working on.

You’ll find that you have muscles in different body parts that you are not even aware of, let alone move it.

Increasing awareness and building intelligence in our body is one of the aim of this practice.

Need Private YOGA Class?

Personal teaching and correction when doing the pose are the main benefits of having a private class.

Health issues such as severe back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, sciatica, scoliosis, insomnia, mental stress, are good reasons to have private class.

The teachers are trained and able to work with you to reduce the pain and strengthen the affected area.

Timing is flexible in private class and each class caters to your body only and decides what is the best asanas that give you optimal results in your yoga practice.